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Climatebase Fellowship: supporting the success of the global climate community

When a ground-breaking fellowship program combines forces with an innovative social platform, great things happen. Like faster and easier connections to help climate professionals progress in a wide-ranging and fast-evolving sector. Discover how Superlinked’s networking app has facilitated more than 300 introductions within a unique career program, contributing to industry-leading satisfaction scores!


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The client

Climatebase, the world's leading platform for climate jobs, talent and community, inspires climate professionals to achieve incredible things through its in-house career accelerator. The Climatebase Fellowship is a practical online education program which helps a curated group of talented professionals to learn from domain experts and collaborate with each other to advance their climate careers.

The challenge

Climatebase launched the first cohort of the fellowship in February 2022. While it fulfilled a very real need for a community which would enable climate professionals from around the world to learn and grow together, the Climatebase team were aware of the potential challenges associated with online education. While it brought many benefits, such as global audience, the online model also presented some significant barriers to collaborative learning, with average completion and engagement rates of just 15%, due to limited peer support and accountability. Despite these concerns, the new program was hugely successful, as the high satisfaction rates proved. 

The solution

In February 2021, Climatebase turned to Superlinked’s networking app to support and foster meaningful peer relationships throughout the cohort. The result? An engaged community experience, with Superlinked as a key resource for building highly relevant one-to-one connections and driving high levels of engagement. 

Over the course of the program, Superlinked’s app facilitated over 300 introductions, with an average quality score of 4.3 out of 5. This played a central role in the fellowship earning the best satisfaction scores in the sector!

The experience

With take-up of the Superlinked app high at 70% of the fellows, user experience was overwhelmingly positive. Those using the app made, on average, 40% more connections than other members, delivering on one of the Fellowship goals of connecting with like-minded professionals. This high level of engagement paid off, as the most prolific connectors also proved to be the most satisfied, with an NPS score of 83, for the fellowship programme as a whole.

Facilitating and nurturing connections between climate professionals is a key aspect of the Climatebase Fellowship. The Superlinked app has helped us to support those all-important connections so much more easily and quickly. It has brought our cohort together in a seamless way, helping to drive the success of the fellowship and our cohort even further than we thought possible!
Climatebase CEO

Building a better future for climate professionals - and the climate 

The response to the Superlinked app was so positive that the end of the first program did not mean the end of networking… Months after the formal program concluded, fellows from the first cohort continued to opt in for new introductions!

With the second cohort recent onboarded onto the app, even more climate professionals are enjoying the opportunity to match with and meet each other.

We were delighted to see so many of the first cohort continue to network via the Superlinked app after the official program was over! It’s really helping to deepen connections within the Climatebase community. This is testament to how the Superlinked app helps members of the Climatebase community to find new and innovative ways to connect with and learn from each other.
Community Manager

What members have to say

I loved the community aspect of things. I loved the weekly networking matchups. I love the educational programming.

Shannon, Sustainability Consultant

We had a lot in common [with my Superlinked match] and I definitely would like to keep and build upon this relationship!

Nancy, Consultant

I was impressed at how much my networking matches fitted with my personal interests and career experience. It made it so much easier to get to know each other!

Eleonora, Climate Policy Advisor

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