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irresistibly relevant

Understand your users and give them exactly what they want with Superlinked - a privacy-first social recommender engine.

Relevant connections and content will make your users come back for more - and they'll bring their friends too!

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Social needs relevance

Connect your members to drive meaningful enagement. Works with your current community or membership app.
Attract the right audience, sponsors and exhibitors. Drive their business results with relevant connections and content.
Make the social interactions in your product, marketplace, social network or content platform irresistibly relevant.
How it works

Superlinked works with your existing data stack

1. Ingest
Sync your user data, analytics and content with Superlinked using our API and data connectors.
2. Model
Our Machine Learning models infer topics of interest, intent and other useful user properties.
3. Serve
Personalize your UX with our API or load the user insights back into your database - your call!

Built for 2022+ by industry veterans

Batteries included
Personalize connections, feeds, content, emails, ads and agendas - all with one flexible API.
Easy to integrate
Take an afternoon to spin up a pilot with us by adding a line of code or a few API calls to your app.
Privacy & Data control
We offer a GDPR & CCPA compliant solution to manage your user’s data across first and third party sources.
360º User data
Combine insights from your own data with insights from the data your users choose to share with you.
Real-time modeling
Your users' preferences evolve in a blink of an eye - keep up with our
real-time modeling system.
Business KPIs, Engineered
Your business team will love our impact on their KPIs, your engineers will love the control and ease of use.
Who we are

For builders,
by builders

We have started Superlinked to deliver state-of-the-art user modeling infrastructure to platforms that want to challenge social, marketplace and adtech incumbents by focusing on their users' needs and being community-first.

Daniel Svonava
Built user models & forecasting for $10B a year of video ads.
Ben Gutkovich
Built growth and partnership strategy for Fortune 500s.
Gyorgy Mora
Built user & fraud models for $17B a year of transactions.
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